Three Days In Paradise

Wed November 21, 2018

In this article I will drive you through the island of Maui in three days. I will  show you the most beautiful areas in Hawaii!  We will explore the island in one of  Go Rent A Car Maui’s best rental vans; of course.

On day one we are going to wake up early make breakfast and pack some snacks for the way; it’s going to be a lengthy drive. Load up our Maui rental van and off we go to Hana! The road to Hana is a very windy road with over 100 bridges going over valleys and streams. Your rental car  needs to be in top shape in order to make it safely through the turns. We can stop at Twin Falls, the Bamboo Forest, Winapanapa National Park, Red Sand Beach, Venice Pools and eventually we will reach the quaint town of Hana. Once in Hana we can refuel our Maui rental van, eat, rest, jump in the water, explore the town and head on back to our rental car to start the long drive back home. It is very important to have a comfortable and reliable rental car on Maui when you go on the road to Hana, with cold A/C, radio, good tires and brakes of course.

Our second day will start very early in the morning. We are going to watch the sunrise from the top of Haleakala Mountain; make sure you make a reservation on the Haleakala National Park Website. We are going to load up our Maui rental van and start climbing up to 10,000 feet above sea level. It is recommended to arrive at the summit before sunrise so you have some time to  park your Maui rental car and have some hot coffee before heading to the top. Don’t forget to bring your jacket; it is freezing cold up there.

On the third day we will go to the west side and see Lahaina Town; a beautiful historic town that was home to pineapple plantation workers in the 20th century. We will go snorkeling and beach hopping and will be able to fit all of our beach gear in our Maui rental minivan from Go Rent A Car Maui. We will finish our trip attending  an evening Luau in the Westin Hotel on west side including traditional Hawaiian food, drinks, dancing and more!

Hope you enjoyed our wonderful family trip in one of Go Rent A Car Mauis best rental minivans on Maui. Book Now and enjoy our incredibly cheap Maui rental cars.

Aloha & Welcome to Maui

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