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Technology And the Car Rental Industry

Sat November 10, 2018

As you all know, our world is becoming more and more technology based, robots are replacing humans and machines replace human representatives. These high technology operating systems have reached the auto rental industry as well with apps such as Turo who took ride share and housing share apps and copied it onto a car sharing system.

privet owners can now turn their privately owned vehicle into a rental van, rental car, rental truck or a rental SUV. The platform is very ‘user friendly’ for owners and renters alike. people all over the world are now renting out their own cars to visitors.

Here at Go Rent-a-Car we decided to take that platform, make it a bit more renter friendly and came up with our self pickup/ drop off system. every step of your Maui vacation car/van rental process can be done from your mobile device, from booking to picking up to dropping off, with no shuttles, no lines, no counter reps.

Booking your rental vehicle at Go Rent a Car Maui  can be done from any device, Firs you pick and choose our choices of a rental car, rental van, rental SUV, rental minivan, rental compact car, rental minivan then choose your pickup location at the OGG Kahului airport in Maui, Hawaii, fill up some information and vuwalla! your rental vehicle is booked. Your rental car or rental van will be waiting for you at the OGG public parking lot with the key in a lockbox and you will receive a pickup instructions email to your mobile device along with the rental vehicle condition report and more important information about your Maui rental car.

So weather you are looking for a Rental Minivan on Maui or just a small sedan to get around the island, Go rent a Car Maui is your smartest, easiest choice, we combined smart technology with the car rental industry and a made it a whole lot faster for you to start your perfect Maui vacation.


Go Rent a Car Maui.

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