Long Term Rental Maui

Frequently asked questions regarding out long term car rental policy

What is considered a long term rental

If you are looking for a Long Term Car Rental in Maui, you can achieve this by making any reservation that is over 3 weeks, to qualifies our its discount.

What happens if I have an issue with my rental

We guarantee your vehicle for the duration of your rental. If you are uncomfortable or having any issue with your rental vehicle we will replace it for you as soon as we can. Remember that our fleet has mostly newer vehicles, averaging model year 2012, and very well maintained. Go to “Our Fleet” page to learn more.

What kind of discount can I get if I rent long term

Your long term car rental discount will be between 10% and 20% off our base rate. Your discount amount depends on the duration of your reservation- the longer you rent for the more you save!

What is included with my long term rental

Your long term rental comes with a free pair of beach chairs, a monthly check up and clean up of your rental vehicle.

Can I add a driver to my long term rental agreement What is the cost

Yes, you can add as many drivers as you need to your long term rental agreement, they need to be at least 21 years old and have a valid drivers license as well as an active insurance policy.

Will my monthly rate change with each month or will it be a fixed monthly rate

Your monthly rental rate may change depending on our base rate for that month. Remember that the longer you rent, the more you save.

Long Term Rental Maui
Long Term Car Rental Maui
How do I book a long term rental

For long term rentals please call or contact us the dates of your trip, and vehicle preference so that we can provide you a customized quote with the lowest available rate.

How can Go Rent a Car afford to offer such cheap rental rates on Maui

Unlike franchised rental car companies on Maui who have ignoramus over head cost and investors they need to please. Our company is family owned and operated so we do everything we can to keep prices cheap and our costumers happy. Just take a look at our Google & Yelp rating/reviews. We are trully the best option for a Long Term Car Rental in Maui.

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