Maui Car rentals

Walk Amongst The Stars

Wed July 24, 2019

A Short Story By a Local Maui Rental Car Company Iao Valley Theatre built in 1928, is located in the...

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coco Rental cars Maui

Cuckoo for cocnuts!

Mon June 17, 2019

Punakea Palms is a coconut farm nestled into the foothills of the picturesque West Maui Mountains. A 35 minute drive...

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East Side Of Maui

Tue December 18, 2018

Many visitors come to Maui to sunbathe on her marvelous beaches. Some adventurous  travelers  go out and explore beyond the...

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Three Days In Paradise

Wed November 21, 2018

In this article I will drive you through the island of Maui in three days. I will  show you the...

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Tips For Saving Money On Maui Car Rentals

Sat November 10, 2018

Ten Ways to Score a Discount Hawaii Car Rental | 2018/2019 1. Alternative car rental sources and discounts. Check several sources...

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Go rent a car Maui- Fleet

Technology And the Car Rental Industry

Sat November 10, 2018

As you all know, our world is becoming more and more technology based, robots are replacing humans and machines replace...

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